Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

There is an intro movie that sets the story. It has to do with walled cities or something. Who cares, lets get to the mayhem.
The Eagle is once again your starter car. It still looks like Frankenstein's wheels from the movie "Death Race 2000"
Of course, the Eagle isn't the only car that will look familiar to fans of cinematic vehicular violence.
Even if you don't recognize the car, the drivers might look familiar. The "Tres Hombres" for instance....
While in the garage, you can cycle through your cars and buy Armor/Power/Offense upgrades.
There are three ways to win a race: The hard way, wasting all of your oppoents...
... the very hard way, running over all the pedestrians on the map...
... or the easy (and boring) way, racing through checkpoints to complete a set number of laps.
Each car also has an accurately modeled first person view for getting up close and personal with the pedestrians.
The initial levels are set in a movie studio theme park. You can get a great view of it by botching a run up the loop-the-loop ramp.
As in the previous games, it's not just humans that have to fear you. Run cow run!
Collisions send pieces flying everywhere and there are numerous damage skins so you can always tell just how beat up you and your opponents are.
The triggered weapons from Carmageddon 2 are back. Here for example is the pedestrian flamethrower.
Despite almost universal fan hatred, objective based missions are also back. Each starts with a cinematic that states the goals.
Each track comes with a brief description...
... and a dynamically updating map with a mini window so you can keep driving while trying to figure out where you are.
After winning a race, you can buy any vehicle that was wasted (if you have enough money).
If mommy (or your government) doesn't want you hurting people, the pedestrians can be replaced with green blooded zombies.
There are six different multiplayer game types available.
... each one tweakable to your individual tastes.