Carrie the Caregiver: Episode 1 - Infancy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The title screen for the game features Carrie
There are 6 types of babies, each with a different personality
The game takes you through 5 different countries
When starting in a new country, you will see Carrie's Blog, where she comments on what is going on
Your goal is to take care of all of the babies
Performing the same task multiple times in a row will gain you a bonus
Changing diapers... how fun
I'm not sure that I'd trust someone to take care of babies if she changed diapers like this!
Throughout the game, your boss will give you things to help you, such as these skates to speed you up
Completing a level shows how well you did on what appears to be a PDA
Each level starts with information about the level
Reading to the waiting babies can be a good way to increase happiness
You get multipliers on the cribs by matching the baby's blanket color with the crib color. This gives you a good bonus when putting the babies into the cribs
A mobile is a good way to slow things down a bit if things get too hectic
The second hospital looks different, but almost everything is in the same place as before