CART Precision Racing Credits

Terminal Reality Inc

Produced byMark Randel, Greg Seehusen
ProgrammingRobert Minnis, Mark Randel, Greg Seehusen
Additional ProgrammingAllen Bogue, Fletcher Dunn, Richard Harvey
ArtChuck Carson, Chea O'Neill
Level DesignDavid Glasscock
Additional ArtJoseph Selinske, Terry Simmons
MusicKyle Richards
Sound EffectsKyle Richards
Additional MusicTom Wedge
BizBrett Combs

Microsoft Corporation

Program Management - Product Unit LeadEric Straub
Program ManagementAngel Diaz, Christina Chen, John Browne
Executive Management - Product Unit ManagerDean Lester
Art LeadCourtney Barnes
Graphic DesignerCourtney Barnes, Eric Kruske
Poduct Unit - Art DirectorKate Bigel
Quality Assurance - Project LeadDoug Jelen
Quality AssuranceMatt Alderman, Caleb Cha, Brent Conklin, John Cote, Rick Daniels, Patrick Kennebec, Roy McMillion, Tom Sperry, Greg Swanson, Jimmy Vroman
Quality Assurance - Product Unit LeadMichelle Schultz-Schroud
User Assistance - Project LeadKate Camber
User AssistanceJennifer Bixler, Larry Boler, Carol Demeter, Laura Knops, Chris Lassen, Kathryn McMillan ('Kiki'), Yasmine Nelson, Elizabeth Read, Terri Schmidt
User Assistance - Product Unit LeadMarjorie Osterhout
User Assistance - Software Design EngineerCyra Richardson
Racing School - Project LeadKathryn McMillan ('Kiki')
Racing SchoolBarry Dowsett, Matthew Lee Johnston, Jason Nazario, Sterling Noren, Karla Stuart
Racing School - Subject Matter ExpertKiki Wolfkill, Kim Wolfkill
Commentary - Content LeadKathryn McMillan ('Kiki')
CommentaryBarry Dowsett, Matthew Lee Johnston, Keith Wintraub
Content CoordinatorGenele Edey
Intellectual PropertiesKathleen Hanzel
LegalJeff Koontz
Product MarketingJose Pinero
Public RelationsDavid Hufford
Games Web Site ProducerRebecca Lowell
Product PackagingColette Bottinelli, Vicki Teachout
Multimedia & Motion Capture Production - Production SupervisorSue Corcoran
Multimedia & Motion Capture ProductionDavid Choi, Barry Dowsett, Annie Fergerson, Kevin Gee, Dan Henley, Danny Herndon, Matthew Lee Johnston, Agnieszka Morgan, Jason Nazario, Sterling Noren, John Pella, Seth Rosenthal, Jon Stanger, Jana Wilcoxen
Multimedia & Motion Capture Production - Technical DirectorKiki Wolfkill
Setup DevelopmentMelody Hillier
Technical SupportPhil Saitta

Special Thanks to the Following Subject Matter Experts Racing School (Commentary and Track Notes)

AuthorBobby Rahal
Test DriversMark Blundell, Max Papis, Mauricio Gugelmin, Bobby Rahal
Race EngineerNigel Bennet (three-time CART and F1 championship engineer and designer)
Game CommentaryBob Varsha
Data Acquisition Group ExpertCasey Eason (DAG - PacWest Racing Group)
Pit Crew Motion Capture SubjectJeff Horton (Mechanic - PacWest Racing Group)
Cart Rules & Procedures AdvisorJim Swintal (Official Starter - CART)

Licensing Acknowledgements

Cart Precision Racing Uses Smacker Video Technology. Copyright 1994-1997 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Pi Research, and Its Logo And Instrumentation Panel As Depicted Herein Are the Exclusive Property And Trademarks ofPi Research LTD.
Racing EyeCue is a registered trademark ofDelco Electronics Corporation
The GPS survey equipment used to survey all 17 tracks featured in CART Precision Racing Was supplied byNovAtel Inc.
Starting lineups and associated qualifying times for 1997 races supplied bySMH U.S. Inc. - Omega Division

Special Thanks To

The staff at CART licensed products, includingBob Hollander, Jonathan Frank, Kim Wolf, Kathy Quinn, Liz Klump, Lee Connors, Paul Duffy, Sonia Hofer-Fessele
The resourceful staff at CART Broadcast services, includingBrian Lawrence, Belinda Wuolukka
The staff at CART, includingAndrew Craig, Randy Dzierzawski, and the CART event staff who made track credentials and access possible and pleasurable
The Pi Research team, includingTony Purnell, David Taylor, Adam Goodwin, Nick Hamblin, Nick Cole, Vassilios Valtetsiotis, Michael Sheldon, Scott Lehman
The Novatel Inc. team, includingSteve Duncombe, Simon Newby, Neal Toso, Patricia Ranieri
All of the CARTteams, owners, and drivers, featured in the game and cut scenes as well as their support staff. Without their participation CART racing and this game would not exist
All of thetrack owners, and race promoters, and their staff, who produce each of the 17 CART races and who made it possible to obtain high-fidelity GPS surveys of each track
Everyone at Pacwest Racing Group, includingBruce McCaw, Steve Fusek, Victoria Vander Well, John Oreovicz, Casey Eason, Jeff Horton, They generously provided support and access to cars and information which allowed us to capture the realistic sounds and feel and depth of CART racing while giving us an even greater appreciation for the sport and the business
For their assistance throughout the projectLinda Lett (Team Rahal), Carol Wilkins (Team Green)
Of Omega Timing U.S.A.Andreas Bangerter
Of Swiss Timing Ltd.Guy Gibbons, Markus Jenni
Of Interactive I / O Inc.Francis De Giorgio, Erick Unbehand
Images provided by the followingAllsport USA, Courtney Barnes, Gary Gold, Mike Levitt, NovAtel Inc.
The contributing photographers of Allsport USAAl Bello, Simon Bruty, Darell Inchan, Darell Ingham, Jed Jacobson, Craig Jones, Robert Laberce, Ken Pamatat, Mike Powell, Pascal Rondeau, Jamie Squire, David Taylor, Todd Warshaw

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Yasmine Nelson, 64 other games
Kiki Wolfkill, 44 other games
Kyle Richards, 35 other games
Mark Randel, 32 other games
Matthew Lee Johnston, 30 other games
Dean Lester, 25 other games
Matt Alderman, 24 other games
Barry Dowsett, 24 other games
Joseph Selinske, 23 other games
Kevin Gee, 22 other games
Richard Harvey, 21 other games
Allen Bogue, 21 other games
Chuck Carson, 20 other games
Rick Daniels, 20 other games
Jeff Koontz, 19 other games
Fletcher Dunn, 18 other games
Doug Jelen, 18 other games
Greg Swanson, 17 other games
Robert Minnis, 17 other games
Kate Bigel, 17 other games
Jennifer Bixler, 16 other games
David Hufford, 14 other games
David Glasscock, 14 other games
David Choi, 14 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by jean-louis (32080)