Casebook: Episode 0 - The Missing Urn Credits (Windows)

Casebook: Episode 0 - The Missing Urn Windows Intro sequence - by moving the mouse the perspective can be slightly changed


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Casebook: Episode 0 - The Missing Urn Credits


Game DesignerSam Clarkson
Executive ProducerLuke Reid
Game ProducerEvan Sunley James
Film ProducerZoe Linsell
Associate ProducerGraham Hambleton
WriterHenry Feltham
Art DirectorKieran Smith (Wal)
MusicNatalie-Jane Reid, Evan Sunley James
Sound EngineerTom Bell


Design EngineerJustin Reid
EngineerLuke Reid, Jody Williams


ProgrammingJeffery Laird, Sam Barham, Graham Aldridge, George Sealy, Evan Sunley James, Andrew Williams, Thomas Verbeek, Jason Mair, Peter Ashford


ArtKieran Smith (Wal), Nathan Farquhar, Haden Raw, Joel Timpson, James Doyle


Detective James BurtonJulian Temple
Elaine CarlotLouise Petherbridge
Margaret SkinnerLois Lawn
Boris CarlotDavid Corballis


DirectorSam Clarkson
EditorSam Clarkson
StoryHenry Feltham, Sam Clarkson
ScreenplayHenry Feltham
Director of PhotographyLuke Reid
Assistant DirectorZoe Linsell
AudioTom Bell
Set  DesignerGrant Brewer

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toDavid Cooper, Julie Gemmell, Jon Baxter (from Perceptual Engineering), Allan Penno (from Southern Lights)

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