Casebook: Episode I - Kidnapped (Windows)

Casebook: Episode I - Kidnapped Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Introduction sequence
The housekeeper discovers the children are gone.
Title screen
Driving to the crime scene, you can still alter the viewpoint by moving the mouse.
The research van
Here you will do most of the work.
Getting a chemical sample from the footprint.
The ransom note
Investigating the crime scene.
Use the tweezers to get the piece of fabric.
Establishing a connection.
The evidence folder where all the important information is stored.
Split the chromosomes.
Looking for prints.
Establish a valid print by locating the key points of identification.
Your partner Burton in a tough guy.
The journal where an interview can be reviewed.
Zooming in on an object.
Heat up the substance to isolate a chemical.
A character sheet
Talking to the parents.
The centrifuge is another way to isolate elements.
Locating a building through a cell tower.
The partners arrive at a new crime scene.
The graphics are fabulous.
This is the camera you use to collect evidence.
Viewed through the restaurant's security camera.
Can she really help you?
New crime scene unlocked.
A murder has happened.
Using the intuition function, it locates the next item of interest automatically.
Examining a shoe.
A champagne cork in detail
An interview at the station
Another scene for you to explore.
You get some help from the police lab.
Reconstructing an audio fragment.
At the end of the game, the trailer for the second episode is shown.