Casebook: Episode II - The Watcher Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro shot shortly before the victim's death
Detective Burton, our partner
Anna Hendrickson, the district attorney
Pete Inverness, the lab technician
Locations and objectives
The first crime scene of the case
Photographing items
Sometimes the player has to zoom in
The new help feature leads the way to the next piece of evidence
The crime van
Processing the photographs
Processing items to find further evidence
Separating chromosomes
Sometimes Burton collects additional evidence for comparison
The evidence sheet
Linking evidence together
Burton interrogates the neighbours
Suspect summary
Isolating the chemical sample
Fiber comparison by microscope
Processing a foot print
New mini game: Reconstructing a video file
One of many videos filmed by the victim
New mini game: Jump analysis
New mini game: Finding fire accelerators
New mini game: Translating runes