Cate West: The Vanishing Files Credits

Created and Produced by Gamenauts

Game DesignerStanley Adrianus
WriterStanley Adrianus
ProducerStanley Adrianus
Crime Scenes ArtistStanley Adrianus
Character IllustratorAdji Dharma
Business ManagerSurt Liu Lim

Co-Developed by Menara Games

Lead ProgrammerChristian Senjaya
Lead ArtistSatya Hody
ProgrammersHeru Kurniawan, Ade Anom Arimbowo

Published by Real Arcade

Executive ProducerMark Magdamit
Quality AssuranceMarcus King, Chuck Little, Kraig Shaver, Mo Falkner, Ian Adams, Alex Jones

Music and Audio Somatone Interactive

ComposerJeff Kurtenacker
Additional Sound EffectsTony Sugianto
PhotographersDenis Evangelou, Carey Primeau, Dave Tamburo, John Langholz, Mike Quigg, Simon Christen, Stephen Arens
Voice ActorsAmy Provenzano, Owen Thomas, Tony Azzolino, Melissa Hutchison
Clip Art Provided byJupiter Images, Shutterstock
Special Thanks toSarah Brass, Joel Brodie, Daniel Prigg, Nila Ibrahim, All of our players, testers and everyone who supported us along the way.
CATE WEST is a trademark ofGamenauts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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