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Main menu screen
Prologue: visions in the mist
Every night Cate has the same dream...
She sees the death of her father in her mother's arms.
Cate receives a call from her agent, she has a book signing today.
Part 1: Cate has to find her objects and bring them to the book signing.
From the list to the left, she has to find at least 8 objects.
At the signing, she meets Ben Shepard, detective of Arcadia Police Department.
Looking at the picture, she has to find the differences between it and her vision.
While searching, cate can use hints to find details she didn't spot.
Now cate has to replace the items she took from her office earlier.
Taking the objects and placing them in their right places.
Chapter one: Initiation
Cate has to find the clues in two locations.
Selecting a location to find clues.
From the list of possible clues to the left, Cate has to find 15.
Another scene to be searched.
From the clues gathered, Cate finds two evidences.
Now Cate has to find the pieces of the evidencesat each location.
Heading to the second location to find the bowling shoes.
Cate has now to identify the Criminal's hideout.
I guess I'll have to use a hint here...
She made it, she confirmed the hideout!
As Cate examines the evidence, she gathers clues to the criminal.
She can exclude suspects which don't match with her clues.
Ok, I guess it's this guy...
Now for the last part, Ben has to match the crime scene described in the court.
And he did it! It concludes the Part 5 and ends this chapter. At the end of each part you can see your score.