Chains Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu / Level selection
Objective for the first level
Bubbles are removed by chaining adjacent ones.
After a level the player is asked if he wants to move to the next level or continue playing for a better record.
The second level is a bit trickier, since too much weight will cause the gate to open.
Here I have to make a chain of the exact value of 373.
And this is how I do that.
The flow is more action based. Do not let the bubbles clog the flow.
Here I need to make a chain of 15 bubbles.
And here's a solution.
In this one I'm only allowed to lose 100 bubbles in total. Therefore the player has to minimize the amount which is lost each time the gate opens.
In this level I have to clear 100 bubbles with 10 chains.
The gravitation level. All bubbles "fall" to the middle.
The pyramid. Here I have to clear all the bubbles.
Playing with the colorblind option turned on.