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Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    " The best sports management sim ever devised. Nothing can come close to CM4's stat munching engine. " - Hyper Magazine

    " a fresher look and a more intuitive interface. This will be a publishing phenomenom - no question" - PC Games Additct Magazine

    " This series has continued to lead the sales in this niche genre and this chapter will be no different" - Entertainment Insider

    " So we say this. Once you've finished reading this review, put down your hot cup of cha, get up and calmly walk over to your significant other and apologise. Go on. Get it out the way. Because once this game has settled into your veins and turned you into a crazed wide-eyed addict, the chances are you wont get the chance to do anything else other than cheer, chant, click and curse your way through one of the most compulsive footballing experiences around. A certified match winner indeed. 5 /5 Stars" - Games

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on May 17, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    The Championship Manager series has set the benchmark for realistic and immersive football management simulations for over a decade.

    Championship Manager is the management game for every football fan.

    Our target market is as unlimited as football itself … If it’s in football, it’s in Championship Manager.

  • SI have always wanted to add more depth to this aspect of the game – it is an important aspect of management, after all!
  • No longer will you simply customise a limited number of training schedules and watch players improve, or not, in certain areas. There will be no more columns and columns of coloured stats!
  • The flexibility of the new system is based around visual feedback from the player pages and reports from your coaches. Attributes still change over time, but you will see instantly whether the regime you have created is benefiting the player. Customised routines can consist of up to 15 activities and can be set for individuals or groups.
  • Their success depends on the quality of your coaching staff, the ability of the player, and the choices you make!
  • A vital part of the Championship Manager experience is creating a team through aqcuiring and offloading players.
  • With more contract options, better scouts, increased agent involvement and a more flexible system for enquiries, the transfer side of CM4 has been completely overhauled. The media will now be more involved as well, disgruntled players, unsettled stars and greedy agents will all use the press to make the manager’s life harder.
  • SI are committed to making it as realistic as possible, and that means that you now have more options, and barriers, in you search for that key player.
  • New hidden attributes include composure, first touch and an improved morale system that shows their general state of happiness. Goalkeepers also have a new “Eccentricity” rating that influences aspects of their play.
  • The aim is to make managers to get to know their players and develop favourites, just like in real life.
  • New aspects of the utterly redesigned match engine include tactical and positional improvements. In addition, there are more details for each player that enable the manager to set individual roles and specify certain runs.
  • The biggest change is the new 2D match view. Enabling the manager to see exactly what their players are doing and how well their tactics are working, this is the biggest visual step in the CM series so far! Combining an increase in feedback with the same nail biting tension of previous versions.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on May 17, 2004.

Box Cover:
    The Worlds most successful football management game ever returns...

    Prepare yourself for the most emotionally involving and realistic football management game in history: Championship Manager 4 has arrived.

    Can you cope with the challenges of the league and the expectations of the board and the fans? Can you deal with the demands of players and agents? Or will you collapse under the pressure, another midseason casualty?

    Accept the challenge: take the reins at the club of your choice and lead your squad onwards. And remember, you´re only as good as your last game.

    The brand new game in the massively successful Championship Manager series.

    With 39 national leagues, and more than 200,000 players and staff, the world of football lies at your fingertips.

    Transfers, tactics, training, coaches, scouts and the crucial match: there is no more complete and accurate football game management game!

    Brand new 2D match view lets you see exactly where your tactics succeed or fail.

    Contributed by Kabushi (204669) on Dec 06, 2003.