Written by  :  Neepie Lantern (535)
Written on  :  Mar 19, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
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Disappointing but progressive

The Good

You can now see your tactics unfurl in a graphical fashion. Training of players is now not just part of folklore, but a real part of the game. Media handling is now a major part of life just as in the real game. The game was rewritten from scratch, so doesn't suffer from ea sports franchise syndrome, ie real changes not cosmetic. The Championship Manager series are just untouchable in the realism stakes. Teams of researchers contribute player ratings to the game which has every football league in the world worth mentioning.

The Bad

When it was released there were an unacceptable number of bugs the worst of which meant your save games got corrupted. This was addressed with the 03/04 release, but a lot of faithful fans were lost due to this.

The Bottom Line

Get championship manger 03/04 the game that this was meant to be.