Championship Manager Quiz Credits

SI - Concept and Design

ChairmenOliver Collyer, Paul Collyer
Managing DirectorMiles Jacobson
Question ResearchDean Gripton
PrototypeMark Woodger
ResearchersDavid Stainer, Stuart Fairway, Tom Sheldon, Nick Habershon, Alex Bell

Eidos - Publisher

ProducerAndrew Norman
Associate ProducerSteven Didd
Exec ProducerGary Moore
QA ManagerChris Rowley
QA SupervisorJohn Ree
PTC PCPhil Kelly
PTC PS1Anthony Peterken
QAMichael Hanley, Steven Didd, Adam Lay, Stephen Addis, Markus Poltorp
MC  Co‑ordinatorJason Walker
Mastering EngineerPhil Spencer
Compatibility EngineerRay Mullen
Marketing & PRJonathan Rosenblatt, Eva Whitlow, Steve Starvis
CreativeRobert Eyers

King of the Jungle - Development

Lead ProgrammerRaffaele Cecco
ProgrammerPaul Margrave
Lead ArtMark Bentley
ProducerAnthony Hinds
Additional DesignRobert Churchill
Additional ProgrammersAlex Darby, Steve Howard
Additional ArtStephane Koenig, Anthony Hinds
Lead QABarry Smith, Stuart Allen
QAMagnus Zetterberg, Rachid Liljecrantz, Tobias Hagberg, Ted Sjöberg, Pelle von Koch

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Jason Walker, 137 other games
Chris Rowley, 122 other games
Ray Mullen, 62 other games
Phil Spencer, 60 other games
Michael Hanley, 54 other games
John Ree, 45 other games
Steve Starvis, 43 other games
Jonathan Rosenblatt, 43 other games
Anthony Hinds, 35 other games
Gary Moore, 32 other games
Stuart Allen, 28 other games
Anthony Peterken, 24 other games
Robert Churchill, 24 other games
Paul Margrave, 24 other games
Steven Didd, 22 other games
Eva Whitlow, 22 other games
Oliver Collyer, 21 other games
Paul Collyer, 21 other games
Miles Jacobson, 17 other games
Mark Woodger, 17 other games
Mark Bentley, 17 other games
Andrew Norman, 17 other games
Robert Eyers, 15 other games
Adam Lay, 14 other games
Dean Gripton, 14 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Stephane Koenig (383)