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    CRM puts you in the managerial hot seat, as you choose the tactics and pick your dream team for the forth-coming season. Your role as coach involves tactical planning in addition to resources management.

    As the season gets under-way you will be involved in real time simulation, observe the game, change tactics to suit the play at any time and gain instant access to match statistics including: -score and territorial possession.

    The financial situation of your club is under your control and can be influenced by the ticket prices you set, transfers made and match attendances dependant on importance.

    Conducting intensive training of your team and as individuals is your responsibility as coach, to maximise your teams potential and to ensure positive results.

    Championship Rugby Manager is an enjoyable and intellectual challenge, which once hooked will keep you on your toes for the whole season.

    Championship Rugby Manager Features:

  • Real Time Simulation
  • Revolutionary Match Observation
  • Realistic Game Tactics setting system (including: team setting tactics, individual training, training intensity, suspensions and injuries, etc)
  • Match Statistics (score, territory possession, tries, etc)
  • Individual Statistics (tries, conversion attempts, penalty attempts, performance, etc)
  • Financial Summary (income, expenses, stadium capacity, attendances etc)
  • Transfer System, players in/out, loan of players, transfer market search, etc.
  • History of teams, players, coaches and all competition.
  • Monthly and yearly awards.

    Contributed by jack ;-) (12) on Mar 24, 2001.