Championship Rugby Manager Credits


Lead ProgrammerMaurizio Maffei
ProgrammerFabio Pintus
Tool ProgrammersPaolo Campanella, Davide Bono
Lead ArtistDaniele Debernardi
Full motion videoFabio Corica
ProducerClaudio Giacopazzi
Executive ProducerAgostino Simonetta
DesignerAgostino Simonetta
ManualStefano Gambaro

Wayward XS

Head of DevelopmentClaudio Giacopazzi
Lead DesignerClaudio Giacopazzi
Assistant DesignersStefano Gambaro, Agostino Simonetta
ProgrammerMaurizio Maffei
Match EngineWilliam Cairns (C)
Additional GraphicsFederico Grazzini
FMV IntroDaniele Debernardi
SoundAndrea Destefanis, Nicola Tomljanovich
Produced ByClaudio Giacopazzi, Ivo Niello, Francesco Alfero, Nicolo Beltrame, Andrea Bodrati

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd

Midas Global Director of DevelopmentTony Love
Midas Sports Managing DirectorPaul Hollins
ProducerThomas Ochocki
Operations ManagerMaarten Van Schaik
QA SupervisorChris Viggers
QA TechniciansMark Jones, Paul Osborne
Office ManagerClaire Senior
StatisticsMartin Masella
CommentaryEddie Hemmings, Mike Stephenson
Special ThanksPaolo Campanella, Davide Bono, Marco Giacopazzi, Greg McAllum (at the RFL for his excellent assistance), Andrew Whitelam (and all at the Super League association), The Teams, players and Club representatives who have given their assistance,, Andrew and Gareth @ the Andrew Varley Picture Agency, Charlie Grey, Ruth Duffy

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204713) and wizardgsz (177)