Chariots of War (Windows)

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Chariots of War Credits

Slitherine Software

ProgrammingDavid Parsons
DesignIain McNeil
Business ManagementJ. D. McNeil
Additional ProgrammingPhilip Veale

Paradox Entertainment

LocalizationPatric Backlund
3D ArtMarcus Edström
Sales and MarketingFredrik Malmberg
Cover ArtAlex Horley
Research AssistancePaul Robinson, Nik Gaukroger, Khurram Wadiwalla, Bruce Durham, Melanchthon
Lead TesterNicolai Thorning
Beta TestersScott Hogan, Larry Esmeyer, François-Pierre Cartolano, Thomas Morrison, Christopher King, Michael Olsson, Peter White, Doyle G. Nelson, Jean-Philippe Duflot

Strategy First, Inc.

ProducerFrançois Bolduc
Product ManagerProkopios Sotos ('Pro')
Director of MarketingSteven Milburn
Cover ArtRandy Humphries
Graphic DesignMartine Bélanger, Julie Binette
Web DesignHugo Trépanier, Serge Mongeau
Assistant Product ManagerRyan Bastien
Senior PR AssociateKelly Ekins
Marketing / PR AssociateRaluca State
Junior PR AssociateJulia Cyboran
Lead TesterÉric Tougas
Quality Assurance TeamGuillaume Bourbonnière, Michel Chouinard, Yan Favreau Lippé, David Mallet, Philippe Michaud, Louis-Philippe Poitras, Sylvain Schmidt, Allison Skerl
Customer SupportBrock Beaubien, Emmanuel Protopapas
PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. AcquisitionsSteve Wall
V.P. Creative DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill
V.P. Product DevelopmentCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
V.P. FinanceSonia Langlois

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