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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 01/1996:

    Esc von F5

    PC Games Award

    "Liebevolle Hintergrundgrafiken, eine abgedrehte Story und professionelle Charakteranimationen machen Chewy zum besten deutschen Adventure des Jahres"
    (POWER PLAY 12/95)


    Bestaunen Sie zahnmedizinische Sensationen!

    Lassen Sie sich durch das atemberaubende Nachtleben von Big City treiben!

    Bauen Sie unaufgeräumte Speicher zu behaglichen Gewächshäusern aus!

    Und erleben Sie, was passiert, wenn dieser Herr zu früh geweckt wird!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198855) on Apr 08, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS & Windows Classic Release (UK):
    Welcome to the adventures and hilarious world of Chewy, the outrageous alien! A towering stature of 1.2 metres, a somewhat different appearance, a big mouth and his own sense of humour.
    Chewy has all the characteristics of a real hero. The Borx are going to pay dearly for waylaying Chewy and taking him to their planet, F5. Now they'll find out what it means to mess with Chewy.

    The Borx troubles mean fun and entertainment for you. You're about to start a fantastic journey that will take you to the Borx star F5, Amazonia, Ghost Town, Big City and Small Town. Join the prank-playing Chewy as he hunts for the "Red Glump". Go ghosthunting, solves puzzles and meet strange creatures. The visually stunning atmostphere and entertaining circumstances, offer gamers a wacky cyber experience!

    Have fun!

    • Endless and exotic dangerous adventures!
    • Tons of challenging riddles!
    • Meet dubious characters that aren't always as they seem to be!
    • First class graphics accompanied by wonderfully funny sound effects and great animations!
    • Fast paced story with hilarious gags!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Apr 24, 2007.

Back of Box - DOS & Windows (US):
    Welcome to the adventures and hilarious world of Chewy, the outrageous alien! This comical game puts you in amusing situations in an effort to help the prank-playing Chewy find the "Red Glump". Go ghost hunting, solve fascinating puzzles, shoot slime balls, fly space ships and get shrunk!

    The fully digitized speech is filled with zany one-liners, humorous cracks and plenty of attitude! The game also offers a unique "cartoon" inspired setting, enhanced by richly colored graphics. The visually stunning atmosphere and entertaining circumstances, offers gamers a wacky cyber experience!
    • Ghost hunting
    • Numerous riddles
    • Amazing depth and colorful graphics
    • Digitized speech
    • Fast paced story with hilarious gags
    • 1 space & 4 earth scenarios
    • Chewy gives you clues about how to win the game

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Apr 24, 2007.