Written by  :  POMAH (47428)
Written on  :  Oct 30, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Once upon a time in Chicago

The Good

1) The smell of Prohibition Era with all its jazz music and noir style is very strong.
2) The characters are memorable as main ones as several secondaries.
3) Gameplay is not too difficult.
4) The plot-driven completion of the level adds more challenge and intrigue.
5) Ability to do not kill until you are allowed to do this also adds a realism and more challenge as well.

The Bad

1) Why you have to play hard and to keep the character alive in the first part of the game (Gangsters), if the end of the game prepares his fate - it does not give the replayability of the first part, you already know the end.
2) Movies inside the game are not very informative, they are mostly formal. The quantity of movies is also very little.
3) You can't train all your favourite men during one set of events, however you may replay the game to allow some of them to raise their skills.
4) It is not strongly dependent on how well the characters are skilled and how much of them present on the level. Sometimes you need 2 or even 1 person to complete the level successfully, but it is allowed to use 5 of them.
5) It is not seen during the level, how well the character was progressed. The skill points are added only at the end of the level. The mechanics of their calculation is also unseen. You may only to kill as much persons as you can to raise level in shooting, for example, but how much? If you will know that, you may kill the people by different persons to raise their levels.

The Bottom Line

Very nice and not very difficult game for those who like the plots based on the Prohibition Era. Memorable characters as Policeman as Gangsters will be your friends and enemies and vice versa during the game. Levels are well drawn and detailed and plot-driven completion of the level as adds realism as tells the story. Ability to do not kill innocent gangsters until you are allowed to do this also gives a charm of the police work. Truly recommended to play!