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Chime Credits

Zoë Mode

Chime PC Developed by...Alex Dawson, Brynley Gibson, Peter Gunter, Joe Hogan, Paul James Mannering, Barry Northern, Robert Parker, Ross Shepherd, Bill Stone, Richard Sykes, Marc Tourle
Zoë mode & Kuju Senior Management and support staffSte Curran, Ed Daly, Karl Fitzhugh, Adrian Hawkins, Ben Hebb, Roberto Katalinić, Anna Morris, Paul Mottram, Martin Newing, Lisa Ravenscroft, Nigel Robbins, Phil Rutherford, Paul Smith, Robert Stannett, Hayley Stevenson, Jon Vernon, Ciaran Walsh, Aaron Yeung

With thanks to...

The Fabulous Beta BoysSteven Bendik, Casper van Beuzekom, Daan Boon, Jonathan Brierley, Ted Bradley, Colin Chan, Lee Davies, Lewis Davies, Eric Diepeveen, Niels Hansum, Lucy Ingram, Ryan Kelly, Nathan McCree, Adam Miles, Adam Meredith, Selma Oors, Ruby Urlings, Nick Robinson, Adam Russell, Carmen Schmitt, Collin Simon, Rick van Veen, Dan Weighton, Thomas Whittaker, Richard Wilkinson, Paul van Eekelen (uncredited)
Special Thanksthe 8/9's, Stolen Couch, OBG, All the Chimaniacs out there, & anyone who eats the whole cake, Ray Larabie, and the Typodermic Fonts

Chime XBLA Developed by...

Chime XBLA Developed by...Ste Curran, Ed Daly, Darren Farmer, Karl Fitzhugh, Brynley Gibson, Ben Hebb, Joe Hogan, Daniel Jacobs, Robert Jones, Chris McLaughlin, Nathan McCree, Paul Mottram, Mike Movel, Simon Nicholls, Barry Northern, Keith Peters, Jonty Sharples, Tom Skuse, Matthew Startin, Richard Sykes, Andrew Taylor, Richard Thomas (Diki), Ciaran Walsh


OneBigGameIan Baverstock, Alison Beasley, Joel Benton, Mark DeLoura, Martin de Ronde, Douwe Dirks, Susan Marshall, Jamil Moledina, Stephen Rubin, Sibel Sunar
A big thank youto all our supporters and our Advisory Board in particular for their help and advice over the past years., OneBigGame would not have come this far without you.
Special thanks toTestronic [QA], U‑TRAX [Localization], Nimrod Productions [Music Supervision], Babel [QA]
And finally, the biggest tank you tothe entire team at Zoë Mode for their contribution to OneBigGame in the form of their fantastic game Chime!


Music SupervisorArtie Fufkin, Marc Canham
And of course thank to all the musicians who contributed their work Moby (credited as Moby), Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Philip Glass, Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly), Markus Schulz
Special thanks to Valve for their generous contribution
"Brazil" (from Orion) ByPhilip Glass, Artur Andres Ribeiro, Paul Sergio dos Santos, Decio de Souza Ramos
Recording courtesy ofOrange Mountain Music
Performed bythe Philip Glass Ensemble, Uakti
Mixed byMichael Riseman
Edited byMichael Riseman
Music supervision byTrevor Gureckis
"Spilled Cranberries" ByMarkus Schulz
Written by Markus Schulz, Mike Targanski
Produced byMarkus Schulz, Mike Targanski
Published byCloud 9 Holland Music Publishing, Armada Music Publishing Holland - Adm by EMI
"For Silence" Written byPaul Hartnoll, Lianne Hall
Produced by Paul Hartnoll
Engineered byIestyn Polson
Vocals byLianne Hall
Mixed by Iestyn Polson, Paul Hartnoll
Orchestra & choir mixed byGary Thomas
Orchestra & choir arranged and conducted byChris Elliott
"Ooh Yeah" Performed by Moby (credited as Moby)
Written by   Moby
Licensed courtesy ofMute Records Ltd
"Disco Ghosts" byFred Deakin (Lemon Jelly)
"Still Alive"Performed byJonathan Coulton, Ellen McLain (GLaDOS)
Courtesy of  the Valve Corporation
Written byJonathan Coulton

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Credits for this game were contributed by vedder (30146)