Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Credits

Developed by Torn Banner Studios

Lead Game DesignerSteve Piggott
Executive ProducerSteve Piggott
Lead ProgrammerMichael Bao
ProgrammerBrady Brenot
Assistant ProgrammerRichard Pregnell
Lead Environment ArtistTyler Brenot
Environment ArtistsPatrick Link, Rasmus Loftstrom, Lucas Annunziata
Lead Level DesignerJustin Pappas
Level DesignerAndrew Seyko
Audio DirectorRyan Patrick Buckley
Sound DesignerRyan Patrick Buckley
ComposerRyan Patrick Buckley
Lead AnimatorRichard Yang
Concept ArtistRichard Yang
Lead UI ArtistRikard Lingren
Character ArtistYan Le Gall
Special ThanksYou! For buying this game, All of our Friends and family, Joe Kreiner (Epic Games), John Gibson (& All of Tripwire Interactive), Bryan Piggott, Ron Piggott, Sandy Piggott, Sarah J. Delahanty, Jack Dalrymple, Amy Menkin, Karen Auerbach, Andrea Burkovich, Brian Speer, Judy Speer, Magic Pixel
Voice‑over ArtistsBrandon Blair, Ryan Patrick Buckley, John Gilbert, Justin Pappas, Matt Snook, Robert Warke


AnimatorDaniel Moore
Character ArtistMatt Davis
Assistant ProgrammerEric Williams
Environment ArtistScott Petty
3D ArtistsTrevor Johnson, James Morgan, Stephane Lair, Marcus Aseth, Ryan Dao, Tycho Terryn
Technical AnimatorBrett Stuart
Technical ArtistsBen Wilson, Juan Sanchez
Lead Quality AssuranceMartin Taylor
Character ArtistsEzra Cove, Michael Barnes
Level DesignerFelix Frenette
Assistant ProgrammersHayden Jackson, Sean Diamond
ProgrammerZack Dayton

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Credits for this game were contributed by ted lapidus (44)