Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Dark forest map, the mason team in red.
Battleground map, with an Agatha knight in the blue team.
Battleground map, Mason team (red) versus Agatha team (blue).
A mason vanguard losing his head on the battlefield (Battleground map).
The corpses wagon objective on the Dark Forest map.
The bridge (Dark Forest map)
Ruins map with bots
Arena map with bots
Dude...i´m so high
Beautiful Landscape
Eat my arrow
In-game tip
Archer in the moon
I think i lost my head
Feel the tip of My Sword
Nice pillow
Blood transfusion
Dude...where´s my car
Taking a Nap
Banners...i love banners
Sorry..i´m drunk
It´s cold here
Free for All Mode
Red Special
Sand and Blood
More Red
More Sand
Duel Mode Pool
Damn...i forgot my sweater
Look how long my blade is
Protect the King
Sepia Sweetness
A Memorial
Thanks, my dear audience
Dead is common denominator
Impaled in Arena map
Archer got butchered
Seems dead is a pleasant experience
The Archer is probably the hardest class to master, but maybe the most satisfying to play after it
Wining hammer
Behold ! i am the Dark King
Where´s my head?
Beautiful Dome textures (King´s hall map)
Sleeping in the job (or maybe after it?)
Buddy, your shoes are untied !
People please ! One at a time
I lost my head...again yo see a blank spot on my eye?
Ahhh, time for a nap
That was some good Whisky
We die together
Damn, this fists rock !
I´ve got the Flag !
Hello, i´m a head
OK...who farted !?
I should have wrote my Testament before signing up for this
Deadly Neck of Death
Protect the King !