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Choplifter HD (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Choplifter HD Credits

Choplifter HD

Executive ProducersBrian Fargo, Matthew Findley
Lead DesignerJairo Silva
Lead EngineerBryan Perfetto
Technical DirectorJohn Alvarado
Lead AnimatorJosh Jertberg
ProducerSean Patton
Art DirectionBrandon Humphries
Lead Environmental ArtistMichael Marsicano
Original Game DesignDan Gorlin
Creative ConsultantDan Gorlin
Senior EngineersSidney Brown, Michael Winfield
UI ArtistPhilip Dickenson
Additional DesignersRoger Michael Turrietta, Quentin Rezin, Devin Morrow
Additional EngineeringRob Flores, Jason Jacobitz, Luke Mordarski, John Plou, Kyle Dalessandro
Environmental ArtistsAlisha Klein, Jessica Jerome (Jess), Koy Vanoteghem, Zaid Ahmed, Daniel McGowan
Character ArtistsKurt Papstein, Gavin Rich, Nicole Swimley, Tyler James
Additional AnimationRichard Almodovar, James Martinchek
EffectsAlan Lee, Geoff Schofield
Audio DesignDennis M. Miller
WritingDennis M. Miller
VO DirectingDennis M. Miller
VO RecordingDennis M. Miller
Consulting ProducerStewart Spilkin
Voice Over CastJon St. John (Duke Nukem), Matthew Findley (Pilot), Dennis M. Miller (Co-Pilot), Sean Patton (Scoop Sanderson), John Alvarado (Rescuees), Joby Bednar (Rescuees), Sidney Brown (Rescuees), Robert Hanson (Rescuees), Josh Jertberg (Rescuees), Robert Nesler (Rescuees), Jairo Silva (Rescuees), Stewart Spilkin (Rescuees), Roger Michael Turrietta (Rescuees), Michael Winfield (Rescuees), Elene Campbell (Chickens)
Recorded atInXile Entertainment, JEL Studios
JEL Recording EngineerJoseph Gauthier
Motion Capture ActorScot Humphreys
InXile OperationsElene Campbell, Jesse Fulton
IT DirectorSteve Jobes
IT SupportAndrei Passioukov
Quality AssuranceJustin Britch, Megan Holguin, Ryan Sharpe
Special ThanksSound Ideas, GTL Media Inc, Robert Nesler, Chris Keenan, Joby Bednar, Douglas W. Avery, Gavin Campbell, Jordan Martin, Sean Flinn, Dan Mass, Ryan Vance, Kirk Gilmore, Matthew Whited, Josh Winfield, Indigo Alvarado, Zachary Alvarado, Maxim Alvarado, Zachary Sean Patton, To all the families; friends and supporters that helped us get the game done.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (252188)