Choplifter HD Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Mission selection
Saving somebodies bacon.
AA guns fire at a designated spot and can be easily avoided.
Well, "easily".
Scoop Sanderson. Intrepid reporter and bonus points for each mission.
And he is saved!
Mission accomplished.
Evacuating a burning Aircraft carrier. Which was the base in the previous mission
Under heavy fire
The scenery is diverse throughout the missions.
Simple gunners are mostly annoying, but in a big group they can be trouble.
No evading this flak, good thing those choppers are armed.
A shoulder mounted SAM taking flight
In some missions there is a (much needed) refuelling opportunity.
Dodging the worst.
The general game stats. Soldiers, tanks, chickens. The game keeps track of all enemies killed.
The Commando (or Ranger) will be picked
A laser works as an aiming device.
This is were the Ranger does his thing. (His thing is blowing stuff up)
Pictures don't really do the hilarious voice acting of Scoop justice.
You only have to "take care" of all hostages in the mission. "Saving them" is purely an option. (There is actually an achievement for doing that.