Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Credits

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

Designed byChristopher Sawyer
Programmed byChristopher Sawyer
Graphics bySimon Foster
Sound & Music byAllister Brimble
Title Music byJohn Broomhall
Representation byJacqui Lyons (at Marjacq Ltd)
Thanks toKatrina Morrin, Natasha Morrin, Jim Wills

Music Acknowledgements

Locomotion TitleJohn Broomhall, Keith Thompson (Guitar)
Long Dusty RoadAllister Brimble, Brian Moore (Trumpet)
Flying HighAllister Brimble
Gettin' On The GasAllister Brimble
Jumpin' The RailsAllister Brimble
Smooth RunningAllister Brimble
Traffic JamAllister Brimble
Never Stop 'til You Get ThereAllister Brimble
Soaring AwayAllister Brimble
Techno TortureAllister Brimble
Everlasting High‑RiseAllister Brimble
SolaceScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
ChrysanthemumScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
EugeniaScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
The Ragtime DanceScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
Easy WinnersScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
Setting OffScott Joplin, Peter James Adcock (Performed by)
A Traveler's SeranadeDavid R. Punshon
Latino TripDavid R. Punshon
A Good Head of SteamAllister Brimble
Hop To The BopDavid R. Punshon
The City LimitsAllister Brimble
Steamin' Down TownDavid R. Punshon
Bright ExpectationsAllister Brimble
Mo' StationJohn Broomhall
Far OutJohn Broomhall
Running On TimeAllister Brimble
Get Me To Gladstone BayAllister Brimble
Chuggin' AlongAllister Brimble, Brian Moore (Trumpet)
Don't Lose Your RagAllister Brimble
Sandy Track BluesAllister Brimble

Atari Inc. Credits

Senior ProducerThomas J. Zahorik
Senior Brand ManagerJeff Foley
Executive ProducerBob Welch
Director of TechnologyPaul Hellier
Director of MarketingPeter Matiss
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Art DirectorCharles Rizzo
Graphic DesignerRoderick Tilley
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Documentation SpecialistKurt Carlson
CopywriterPaul Collin
Manual WriterDavid Ellis
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
Q.A. ManagersBill Carroll, David Strang
Q.A. SupervisorJason Cordero
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Lead TesterMarshall Clevesy
Assistant Lead TesterSean McLaren
TestersRandy Alfonso, Leticia C. DueƱas, Jon Hockaday, Tony Hsu, Brandon Reed, Nessie Rilveria
Compatibility Lab SupervisorDavid Strang
Compatibility Test LeadCuong Vu
Compatibility AnalystsRandy Buchholz, Mark Florentino, Chris McQuinn, Scotte Kramer, Patricia-Jean Cody
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechniciansEugene Lai, Dan Burkhead
Vice President, OperationsTodd Curtis
Director of ManufacturingEddie Pritchard
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
Materials PlannerJanet Sieler
Process PlannerNichole Mackey
Special ThanksJohn Billington, Cecilia Munoz

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