Written by  :  Cabeza2000 (818)
Written on  :  Sep 30, 2004
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Shame on it.

The Good

Note : This review aims to those that played Transport Tycoon.

Having retro-feelings about Transport Tycoon is definitely a very good thing...

Some little improvements here and there that adds between 3% and 5% to the game value and game experience if we compare Locomotion to 1994 Transport Tycoon .

That is the end of the good news.

The Bad

A disrespectful game to the gamers community coming from the always respected developer Chris Sawyer.

You do not expect from a genius (on “gaming” terms) to cheat you. Sawyer expects that gamers enjoy a game product that is a fraud. This “remake” could work releasing it on 1996 or, maximum, 1997. On my eyes, I have on my hands exactly the same game I played ten years ago... Is like a movie-freak being told he will see a new 2004 movie and suddenly he find himself watching a 1940 classic movie.

I believe that Sawyer could have this developed way better.

I wonder how while TT HDD requirements were around 20Mb the remake need 500Mb and additional 800Mb free space in order to work.

Enough said.

The Bottom Line

Avoid. Unless you never played TT and do not care about playing a 2004 game that tastes like 1994.