Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choose your scenario, from beginner to expert (this one has up to 14 computer companies to compete against!!)
Don't like your face? Choose a different one from many different choices... both male and female
Building roads... Railroad Tycoon style
As time progresses, you will receive various newspaper notices. Some are good, some are bad
Build new vehicles... trains, trams, buses, trucks, ships, and planes
Track your money each year to see if you are making a profit or not. Don't expect anything the first year... you will spend a lot on new vehicles
Your headquarters will grow as your rank increases
Use the map to look at all the information in the world at once
If you have a tunnel, you may want to see what is happening underground. This is what it looks like
There is a lot of information available to look at, such as the distance you're transporting goods each month
Here is a zoomed in view of the town. Note that graphics change greatly when increasing the resolution
Here is a large world... zoomed all the way out. To see the whole thing, you would need to look on the map
If you highlight a building, it will give you information about what goods it accepts and/or produces
Here is a short train route between cities. You can add many cars to a train as needed
Helicopters are a cheap form of air transportation
Ships transport large quantities of goods across the ocean, lake, or river