Written by  :  diglot.net (28)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2005
Platform  :  Windows

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The Chronicles of Riddick is a game best appreciated with no expectation.

The Good

Let's get right down to it. Chronicles is no Half Life 2. It will never have the commercial success HL2 has. Unfortunately, the game also encounters unfair scrutiny because many gamers assume that most games based on movies (especially Sci-Fi ones) haven't been up to par. However, if you want to feel some sort of hope that games based on less popular licenses can get anywhere, play this game. With the exception of some excellent Star Wars games, Chronicles is a game where you really don't need to know too much about the Pitch Black / Riddick background to enjoy it. Although the game receives unfair comparisons to much more popular FPS such as Doom 3 or HL2, I assure you that Chronicles can keep up with the pack.

The team behind Chronicles seems to understand some of the caveats of FPS gameplay. In most FPS, you cannot see yourself. This isn't much of a problem until you start doing things like jump on boxes or climb ladders which (in most FPS games) always seem to not get it right. In most experiences, you feel like a block within an environment. An example of this is an experience where your character's feet must be on top the box for you to climb a set of boxes or ledges. Not so here. In Chronicles, they utilize a 3rd person view and the common ability most people use - their hands. Chronicles may not be in the realm of other FPS but I don't know if I can classify or compare it with other games. It has its own feel and integrates a second viewing perspective in a meaningful way. Of course, much like the rest of the reviews, Chronicles has the great graphics, impeccable AI, and sound that rivals most top notch games but its main keeper is the story. The story and characters are very well conceived. In addition, the levels and the game's approach to fighting other enemies is fresh and gives a satisfying feel for knocking out someone cold. Aside from the simple HUD, the management of the character is simple along with how the environment is manipulated.

The Bad

Even with all these great things to say about the game it does have some minor faults. Part of it is its graphics. There maybe some clipping issues because of the viewing perspective changes that happen in the game but nothing game breaking.

The Bottom Line

Chronicles is a great game that you should take a look at even with all the new games out. There is definitely something new and unique that helps it stand out as a potential classic.