Circle of Blood (Windows)

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Circle of Blood Credits


DirectorCharles Cecil
Project ProducerSteve Ince
Script WritersDave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Lead ProgrammerJames Long
System ProgrammingJames Long, Tony Warriner
Technical ProgrammingPaul Porter
Game ToolsDavid Sykes
Animation DirectorStephen Oades
Support ProgrammingJeremy Sallis, Andrew Walrond
Music CompositionBarrington Pheloung
Paper AnimationDes Duggan, Keith Grieg, Mark Povey, Dan Whitworth
Character DesignRed Rover, Mat Taylor
ColoringMatthew Drake, Andi Forster, Jane Stroud
Sprite AnimationAndi Forster, Michael Green, Paul Humphreys, Steve Ince, Stephen Oades, Mark Povey, Martin Povey, Michael Ryan, Linda Smith, Jane Stroud
Background LayoutsNeil Breen, Steve Ince, Tony Pulham, Eoghan Cahill
Background ColoristsHelen Jones, Stephen Oades, Jane Stroud, David Swift
Sequence AnimationRos Allen, Celine Ciernan, Noel Ciernan, Keith Grieg, Mark Povey, Red Rover
Sequence CompositionSteve Ince, Jane Stroud
Story / DesignCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Story ConsultantNoirin Carmody
Script EditorAlan Drury
MarketingNoirin Carmody, Sarah Ewing, Doug Johns
ActorsRachael Atkins, David Bonnermann, Rosy Clayton, Hazel Ellerby, Jack Elliot, Steve Hodson, David Holt, Peter Kenny, Don Maccorkindale, Richard Mapletoft, Matthew Marsh, Colin McFarlane, Gavin Muir, Paul Panting, Rolf Saxon, Andrew Wincott
SamplingDave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody
In‑house TestingCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Matthew Drake, Jonathan Howard, James Long
Music performed byThe London Metropolitan Orchestra
Special Music AssistantHeather Lovejoy
ProducerChris Dudas, Michael Merren
Assistant ProducerAnthony Steven Byus
Product ManagerSarah Ewing, Nancy Feiner
Test ManagerGary Foley
Lead Product AnalystsDavid Isherwood, Jonathan Stocken
Product Analysts 00‑Malika, Anthony Steven Byus, David Corless, Ron Festejo,  Frazer‑1, Michael Merren, Al Perch, Hayden Wright
Quality Assurance (Virgin Europe)John Martin
SamplingAnthony Steven Byus, Richard Hewison, David Isherwood, Michael Merren, Jonathan Stocken
Story ConsultantsSean Brennan, Daniel Marchant
Business AffairsJulian Lynn-Evans
Legal AffairsPam Dolton, Sally Mudd
SchedulingPaul Whipp
GafferSean Brennan, Tim Chaney
VP External DevelopmentEric Lux
Associate ProducersNorm Karns, Ken Love
Technical DirectorTim Page
QA DirectorDavid Maxey
QA SupervisorBijan Shaheer
Lead AnalystRichard R. Bruno
AnalystsTuan Bui, Gary Mountain, Khanh Nguyen, Matt Orlich, Tim Tran, Wallace H. Wachi Jr., David Walsh
VP of MarketingRussell Kelban
Director of MarketingJane Gilbertson
Manual EditorsLisa Marcinko, Sarah Tringali
Director of ProductionGail Hetland
Special ThanksJonathan Gross, Lisa Hoffman, Julian Rignall
ManualMark Ramshaw
Templar bookletSteve Jackson
Packaging Creative DirectionShawn Markert

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10046) and //dbz: (5203)