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City Life Edition 2008 (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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City Life Edition 2008 Credits

Monte Cristo

Monte CristoJean-Christophe Marquis, Jérôme Gastaldi
Project ManagersRenaud Boclet, David Hockley
Lead Game DesignersRenaud Boclet, David Hockley
Game DesignStéphane Adamiak, Marc Pestka, Sébastien Guilbert, Cédric Barthez
Additional Game DesignPatrick Marchal, Pascal Héry
Lead Level DesignerSébastien Guilbert
Level DesignCédric Barthez, Vincent Vimont, Frédéric Lasseret, Ronan Soulier, Julian Lemonnier
Lead ArtistsYanik Buttner, Nicolas Simon
ArtistsFlorent Rouat, David Lenoir, Jean-Yves Vatin, Stéphane Toulza, Charles Varenne, Ludovic Delcroix, Ludovic Ribardiere, Christophe Maltaverne, Wilfried Paget, Jennifer Fritiau
Technical DirectorPatrick Marchal
ProgrammersNicolas Sérouart, Martin Milenkovic, Laury Michel, Guillaume Werlé
Additional ProgrammingPaul Chabas
Animation Creation & IntegrationLionel Chauvin
Sound DesignerSylvain Prunier
Marketing TeamJulia Salmon, Philippe Da Silva
Lead TestersMaxime Anfray, Frédéric Lasseret, Julian Lemonnier
Localization TestersLéon Gomez, Martina Magri, Virginie Martin
Music ProductionQB9, Dario Eskenazi
LocalizationDL Multimedia, Emma Kreuz
Special Thanks toClément Merville, François Potentier

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (330117)