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Cheat Code Central (Jun, 2008)
In terms of new content, the 2008 Edition is a bit slim. There are 60 new buildings, 10 new maps, some additional scenarios, updated graphics, and an odd feature that allows players to import satellite maps. The 2008 Edition is certainly the version to look for, as it's the most complete collection. The free download upgrade for players who already own the main game saves this expansion from harsher criticism, because there just isn't enough new content to justify making people who've bought the game shell out more of their hard earned money. Fortunately, they won't have to. City Life is a quality simulator that can easily absorb hours upon hours of your time if you let it. If you're a fan of city-building sims, there's no excuse for letting this one pass you by.
Total PC Gaming (Feb 22, 2008)
But while it may not have the same strategic depth as a Sim City game, City Life more than makes up for this in its expandability. Shipping with a full map, and building editor, it’s more than possible for you to recreate the buildings of your hometown yourself, before dropping them into the game, and really doing a better job than the people who are paid to do it.
gameZine (UK) (Apr 03, 2008)
In the end, playing this game was like taking a trip back to my youth. Whether it can compete in today's fast-paced environment is unclear, but what it can do is make those who played Sim City feel young again.
GamingExcellence (Jun 27, 2008)
City Life is a pretty interesting city-building game. It also came out in 2006. The 2008 edition, while still an interesting game, is basically the same. It’s still worthy of purchase to those that haven’t played the original, but to any who have, just play the original for the same experience.
2404.org PC Gaming (Aug 14, 2008)
City Life 2008 Edition isn’t much of upgrade, and that fact seems evident to Monte Cristo, since they’re giving it away for free on their City Life website, if you own a retail copy of the original. For any newcomer wanting get in on suitable replacement for SimCity, or just wanting a solid city-builder, 2008 Edition is worth a purchase. It’s fun, addicting, and satisfying, but nothing about 2008 Edition makes it a substantial update or upgrade.
IGN (Oct 20, 2008)
Although this is the best version of City Life, if you own the original game the additions made here do not warrant a re-purchase. That said, this is an accessible city sim for the uninitiated. But, for the initiated, be warned. While the gameplay mechanic is solid, the formula hasn't really changed since the early 90s, and things feel a little stale. However, if you have aspirations of going into city planning, or just like managing things in general, then City Life might be up your alley.
Entertainmentopia (Jul 16, 2008)
City Life is a fun way to spend some time and hardcore simmers will get a kick out of it. A casual gamer might get a little frustrated with how complex the game is, but if they give it a try and really hunker down, they might get something out of the game that they didn’t expect.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2007)
Die Neuauflage Edition 2008 bietet 50 weitere Gebäude und 10 zusätzliche Spielkarten, darunter etwa das Royal Opera House in London. Leider ändert das nichts am langatmigen Spielprinzip und der sperrigen Bedienung.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar, 2008)
Vrij degelijke maar eenvoudige City Builder die ondanks enkele minpuntjes toch aardig weet te boeien.
Avid Gamer (Apr 08, 2008)
As an actual city building game it’s pretty loose in content. The game requires you to be constantly balancing each component but that’s as difficult as it gets. Once you’ve got several sectors set up, it’s pretty much plain sailing from there. Rarely does City Life 2008 punish, and its learning curve is steep, yet never deathly. Any game with a date in the title should be approached with caution as it often means it’s a yearly rehash. City Life 2008 isn’t an exception to the rule and that’s why it’s getting a 6/10.
While it has a few problems, I really like the concept and game mechanics of City Life 2008. It is a city simulator that acknowledges that urban areas are more than the sum of their tax revenue and pollution. With a patch or two, this title could provide a good alternative for those looking for something that’s not Sim City.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Apr 07, 2008)
Having said that, there's nothing offensive here, and if you haven't tried City Life before it provides a reasonable if rather plodding casual city-construction experience. Those who own previous incarnations of the game won't find it a worthwhile upgrade, as it merely adds some new scenarios (which aren't much different to the old), a fresh dollop of buildings and an editor that allows for importing satellite maps. Nothing to get too excited about, really.
City Life is een uitstekende franchise die op eigen houtje de levensvatbaarheid van de moderne stedenbouwsim heeft bewezen. En de 2008 Ediiton is het meest complete spel in de reeks. Maar het is gewoonweg niet genoeg materiaal om zo'n misleidende titel goed te praten, laat staan een aankoop waardevol te maken; tenzij je natuurlijk een nieuwkomer bent en wilt weten waar alle ophef over is ontstaan.
GameSpot (Mar 11, 2008)
City Life is an excellent franchise that has single-handedly proven the viability of the modern city-building sim. And the 2008 Edition is the best, most complete game in the series. But there just isn't enough new content here to justify such a misleading name, let alone to make a purchase worthwhile--unless, of course, you're a newcomer to the series and want to see what the fuss is about.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 21, 2008)
City Life is a game that took social generalisations and completely sensationalised them to the point of an unrealistic nature and made them unworkable with the concept of the game. Even by being given control of each group and giving them their own estate would be baffling as there's simply no need for this social divide, it's completely pointless, confusing and certainly nothing like any city in the world that I know of. A particular highlight was the "elite" rich sims being white in colour and the scummy, devoid of ambition no hopers being black, something which will go down a blast with the trend of being offended by pretty much everything these days.