Written by  :  Radu Mitrache (14)
Written on  :  Nov 19, 2006
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Taking social classes for subcultures... What next?

The Good

The graphics. Having the ability to wonder the streets of your city in first person is great. The day/night cycle is also great. But the best thing about the game is its engine. More exactly, the way you can build roads at different angles. I expected this feature in Sim City 4 but, it seems, it was something too complicated for Maxis to do. Next Sim City will better have this feature!

The Bad

Everything else s***s!!! The gameplay is great but is totally missing the point of a city builder type of game. Taking social classes for subcultures angered me because unlike subcultures, the level of wealth/ income/ social status is not someone's choice. This is the central plot of the game, the gameplay revolving around separating these social classes so that they don't start to kill each other. What a "brilliant" idea! The game also lacks variety in the building department, featuring just around 40 buildings or so. If you enter a money cheat you will see everything the game has to offer in 2 hours.

The Bottom Line

A Sim City wannabe that fails in every aspect of the gameplay. Too bad for its great engine!