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Windows version

Superhero Flying
Log-in screen
Server selection screen
What you see when you first log in for the first time.
There are five basic archetypes, and five origins. We'll pick a Magic Tanker to demonstrate the character creation section.
Each Archetype has a Primary powerset and a Secondary powerset. You get Primary powers more frequently as you level up, and you get to choose one of two primary powers for new characters.
Secondary powers come less frequently as you level up, and you only get one to choose from for a new character.
Once you've selected your powers, you go to the rather extensive character customization screen.
Since we're going to make a Tanker, let's push all the sliders to the max...
You can spend hours just in the character creation screen, playing with the settings.
Sliders give you complete customization of your character's head shape. Combined with the various facial types, you have a wide range of looks for your character.
Adding some special effects like color blends and chest emblems, and suddenly our Ice-based Tanker has an appropriate costume.
Once you've selected the powers and created the costume for your hero, you can name him, provide him with a background origin story, and even give him a battle cry.
The look of your character is limited only by your imagination. Your character's appearance can range from the ridiculous... the sublime.
If you're having trouble coming up with a costume concept, just hit the Random button a few times...
This is what a character selection screen looks like after you've made a few characters.
Paragon City is full of titanic statuary, honoring heroes of ages past.
A citizen in peril from the minions of the evil Dr. Vahzilok!
One bad guy down, and one to go...
You can switch your perspective to 3rd person if you want action shots of your character taking out the bad guys.
La Cosa Nostra gets up close and personal with a bad guy.
The thanks of a grateful citizen.
La Cosa Nostra starts a mission to save the citizens of Paragon City! No pressure! No pressure!
Nothing like hunting zombies in the sewers to ratchet up your dry cleaning bill...
As you complete missions, word gets around about how great you are. People on the street talk about your latest exploits.
After a long day saving Paragon City from the Forces of Evil(tm), La Cosa Nostra, the Flying Mafioso, relaxes and checks the TV listings to see what's on tonight...