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Civilization II: Test of Time (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Civilization II: Test of Time Credits


ProducerAlessandro De Lucia
Associate ProducerChris Bowling
Game DesignJohn Possidente, Mick Uhl
ProgrammersMark Bradshaw, Stephen L. Cox (Lead Programmer), Rob Knopf, Chris Taormino, James W. Thomas
Graphic ArtistsTodd Bilger, James Crawley, Frank Frazier (Lead Artsit), Betsy Kirk
Additional ArtCasey Aramian, Kevin Boehm, Mary Pat Buck, Walter Carter, Rob Cloutier, Mark Glidden, Sam Laskowski, Scott Nixon, Charles Shenton, Jeff Skalski, Coolhand Interactive, Dragonlight Productions, Mondo Media, The Animation Factory
Music ByRoland J. Rizzo
Sound DesignersMark Cromer, Mark Reis
Recording EngineersMark Cromer, Mark Reis
QA ManagerTom Falzone
Lead TestersRoss Edwards, Jeff Smith
TestersTimothy Beggs, Matthew Bittman, Barry Caudill, Eleanor Crawley, Michael Davidson, Grant Frazier, Jason Gleason, Mark Gutknecht, Jacob Hopkins, Brad Hoppenstein, Mark Huggins, Carl Johnson, Rosalie Kofsky, Charles Lane, Joe Lease, Randy Lee, Jason Lego, Brandon Martin, Rex Martin, Andy Mazurek, Timothy McCracken, Steven Purdie, Salvatore Saccheri, Rick Saffery, Greg Schneider, Joe Walbeck, Nathan Wright
Additional TestingRay Pfeifer
ManualJonathan Caspian-Kaufman, Laning Polatty, Julie Stroehmann
Other DocumentationJohn Possidente
Special Thanks ToWilliam F. Denman Jr., Lori Der, Gayle Keidel, Rhonda Williams
PresidentThomas Dusenberry
Product ManagerSteve Arthur
Director of Business DevelopmentJohn Sutyak
V.P. Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
V.P. Product Development WorldwideKevin Gillespie
V.P. of TechnologyRich Reily
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Test SupervisorKurt Boutin
Lead TesterDan McJilton
V.P. of MarketingJohn Hurlbut
General Manager, MarketingJim Buchanan
Director of MarketingRichard Cleveland, Tom Nichols, Gail L. Steiner
Director of Marketing ServicesGeorge Burtch
Channel Marketing DirectorTim Evans
Director of Public RelationsDana Henry
Creative Services DirectorSteve Webster
Creative Services ManagerKathryn Lynch
Art DirectorSteve Martin
Senior Graphic DesignerJennifer Brackett
Graphic DesignerPatricia McCarthy
Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
Director of OperationsBob Sadacca
Operations and Special Project ManagerTracy Kureta
Legal and FinanceLinda Ferros, Bruce Kelly, Donna Mahan, Ron Parkinson
Senior V.P. of New Business and AcquisitionsBarry Jafrato
Managing DirectorTim Christian
Creative DirectorSteve Cross
Head of LocalizationSamantha Parker
Localization Project ManagerAnton Lorton

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159346) and Kate Jones (453)