Clans Credits (Windows)

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Clans Credits

Computerhouse AB

Executive ProducerMikael Östberg
ProducerAnders Larsson
Project ManagerCarl Hansson
Lead ProgrammerAnders Larsson
ProgrammersPer Jahn, Johan Döhl
Additional ProgrammingRickard Prieto, Bjorn Winkler, Erik Möller, Peter Pettersson
Graphic ArtistsHenrik Skymne, Alf Svensson
Additional GraphicsHåkan Persson, Hampus Gimfalk, Anders Larsson, Anders Caspersson
Music and Sound EffectsCarl Hansson
Additional Sound EffectsOlle Netzler
VoicesHåkan Persson, Carl Hansson, Anders Hejdenberg, Alf Svensson
Voice‑Over Sound EngineerCarl Hansson
Story and Game DesignCarl Hansson, Anders Larsson, Henrik Skymne, Johan Döhl, Alf Svensson, Patrik Häggblad

Strategy First

ProducerJames McNeely
Associate ProducerPaul Thibault
Quality AssuranceStéphane Brault, Michel Chouinard, Prokopios Sotos, Emanuel Wall, Yvon St-Louis, James Miguel, Michel Therrien, Michael Le Drew
Voice‑Over ScriptJames McNeely
ManualCalvin Campbell
MarketingSteve Wall, Cathrine McDermott
Design and PackagingLitsa Babalis, Theo Skalkos
Voice‑Over Sound EngineersStéphane Brault, Peter McLaughlin
Voice TalentEdward Wheeler, Adam Kelly, Bonnie Wurst, Michael Smith, Paul Thibault
Special ThanksElizabeth Kular
President Don McFatridge
V.P. Marketing Steve Wall
V.P. Product Development Richard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill

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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra is stressed (20706)