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Written by  :  Lady T-Dawg (719)
Written on  :  Jul 02, 2010
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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En garde? Touché!!!

The Good

It's such a fun game. And let me tell you what exactly I mean.

First, it has a great main character, this Captain Claw, the famous one, our star. He is very human, even though he is a cat. For example, when you stop in the middle of the game, he will be angry at you and very annoyed, he will say something like: "I have some business to do!". Also, when the objective is hard, this cat will say: "It looks challenging!" or "This requires perfect timing!". To control such a cat is really very fun.

It's a platform game, a typical one. The cat jumps like crazy and defeats enemies, wherever they are hiding. There are different types of obstacles and traps. A very hard, but interesting one, are those swinging ropes. In order to climb on this thing, you should really count their rhythm. Otherwise, the poor cat will fall down and die an ugly death. Also, those evil spikes and hidden arrows will hurt our cat most of all.

Our star is cool when he fights. He has different abilities. He is an old-fashioned warrior when he uses the sword, but he is also a modern fighter when he uses gun or dynamite. But he is also such a magician, he can use magic, which, I think, he is most proud of, because every time he uses magic, he will shout loudly: "Magic Claw"!

The excellent part in this game are enemies and bosses. You will meet different enemies, famous dog warriors, dog assassins, mice, fish, and also cool tiger monks. In some way, they are also very human. When they attack you, they always make some faces, sometimes it's easy to misunderstand that they even like me: some sailors hugged me tightly. Also - that's the proof that they are very human! - every time I poke them with a sword, we always have some conversation between us: "touché! en garde!". Very nice! But they also have really really mean enemies, like those little bastards, the mice. They are really too mean, they always hide in some corner and shoot at you with cannons, and sometimes throw bombs. Even though our cat is never afraid of mice, sometimes it's really hard to escape alive. A very cool enemy character are those tiger monks. They are very elegant. And they fight face-to-face, not like some other characters there. I really respect them most of all.

Next thing are the bosses, which everyone care about most. Actually, in this game those bosses have a really nice character. They never hurry. I'm the one who is in a hurry, because they hit me hard, and they don't seem to worry about anything. Different bosses have different abilities, they use different, but cool weapons against me, which I'd like to have myself, but maybe in the next world... Also, those bosses are very intelligent, so you can't just use direct violence. The game requires that the cat has a very intelligent brain. I found that it's hard to be a cat...

The graphics in this game are 2D, but very well-made. I love those cartoon characters. And I think the guys from Monolith really drew them with soul. I thank them very much for creating such different cute characters, no matter if enemies or animals. For example, our cat never just stands there, his little tail will always move. Also, the mercats and those singers are very well-made, they have their own character. And the tiger monks have really beautiful fur.

There are a lot of beautiful cartoon movies in this game, which children and grown-ups will both love. But... it's not exactly for children. Because they even have a very big-breasted, seductive dog whore in a bar during a movie. Or maybe children will not understand what it means?.. Also, our star Captain Claw is very handsome, those dogs humiliate him, but he never gives up!

The music is awesome. Even though it's MIDI, but it's a really good one. In different levels, they create different music, which fits the level and the environment very well. For example, when you go through boss battles, the music will make you feel excited and urge you to concentrate.

The Bad

The bad part... Come on, this game is too hard. I know in a way it is typical for platform games - I played Contra for NES, which was also very hard! - but it's still too hard. I mean, the poor cat only has five lives, and on the way you only have two save points, which means that after some really hard swinging and platform jumping you will just die like there is no tomorrow. In the time of Contra, it was normal to have so few saves, but in 1997? It's too unfair, no matter to a cat or to a human being!

The final part of the final level is a pain for my eyes. I really can't see which platform I can jump on! And when is the exact time to jump?! I think maybe because I'm a human, but our cat told me he also can't... No matter how much effort he did, he always died there. So poor. I started feeling pity for the cat and for myself. I think a game shouldn't make me feel this way. Or is it because I'm too bad?..

And the final boss... Omar... he is a good guy, actually. He just wanted to test me. But in such a way that I really started to hate him. Not only there are two parts of this final battle. But each one is hard like hell! I should first jump like crazy and avoid all this fire and spikes to get the swords, and find exact timing to destroy his shield. But in such a cruel way I had no health at all. So, sorry guys, I cheated there. But I don't feel guilty, because I think it's really impossible. Or... maybe because I'm so bad?..

The Bottom Line

It's an honor that such a cat can defeat tigers and finally find this amulet. Although it's hard to be a cat, the cat thinks life is still good. Of course, if he didn't have to die so many times, it would be better... I love this game, it reminds me of my childhood, when I just watched those cartoons. I recommend this game to people who like platform games. Those who don't like platform games should better use cheats and enjoy it this way! Games should be enjoyment, not torture. So please, find your own way to enjoy this game!

Thank you for reading!