Claw Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The intro is magnificent, setting the mood perfectly...
...introducing our intrepid hero sneaking on a comically-looking cat pirate with a parrot on his shoulder...
...and eventually showing the feline adventurer getting captured by an elegant dog nobleman
First stage: comical animation of an enemy
Big trouble early in the game
Move, you mutt!.. He is guarding the checkpoint; and he just shot me in the head!..
This unlucky dog is no doubt contemplating an early retirement
Swordfighting with your arch-enemy Le Raux - and that is only the game's first boss enemy!..
Check out the body slam!..
A single cat versus a gang of thieves. Not good odds
Animated cutscenes appear after every two levels. Mounted dog guards pursue Claw!..
The second boss is a bitch!!.. No, seriously, quite literally!.. ... ... Sorry, I just had to have such a caption
Wonderful cutscene showing the city Puerto Lobo...
The two city stages are among the most beautiful ones in the game. Lovely backgrounds, birds are flying, wolf guards waiting below...
City streets continue. Treasure hanging in the air, nice stony walls, and an enemy comically paying his respects to the statue
After each regular ("boss-less") stage, a map segment is added and displayed
Climbing a cat cage
Spectacular city center level. Dueling a regular, yet fearsome-looking enemy
Note the detail: silhouettes of shaving dogs appear in the window!..
This sword icon can mean only one thing: we are nearing a boss battle!
A hilarious movie in the middle of the game depicting a tavern, complete with dog sailors, dog musicians, and even dog whores!..
Completing boss levels adds amulets to your collection
Beautiful, moody level in the docks
Err... "dog hug"?.. The arrow points to your destination
Jumping in an empty space. Just admiring the beautiful background with ships
Boarding a ship
Swinging on ropes would be much easier if cats had opposable thumbs
Successfully captured a ship
This boss is apparently concerned about his appearance. He still shoots at me from the canon below, and throws random stuff at me
Pirate caves. New, tougher enemies keep appearing. I've been shot...
Ouch, be careful where you swing that thing!
Typical Claw situation: treasure, disappearing platforms, deadly spikes below, and a clueless, yet dangerous enemy standing opposite me
If the water's shallow enough, you can wade across it
Mercats are dangerous opponents
The sirens will sing to hurt you! No, really!..
Wading through water and meeting angry fish!..
Captured by a giant squid. Looks like a quiet day at the office
Lush backgrounds - but what you see in front of you is unfair: how can you jump so precisely as to avoid those rapidly popping spikes?..
The penultimate boss of the game. He is very tough - but wait till you meet the final one...
The final stage of the game begins. It is insanely difficult
Using an invisibility potion to sneak past a pair of tigers