Claw Trivia (Windows)

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Due to widespread complaints from parents with young children that the game was too hard, Monolith released the 1.2 Patch, an update that makes the game much easier. Extra lives are awarded per 500,000 points instead of the old million, and the baddies are total pushovers. But the most interesting change was that they included a whole new set of fan-designed levels.


There are some humorous messages that have been sneaked into the game's credits. It starts off listing all of the game's developers and affiliates, but after a while the game's credits become more and more silly. "Darth Vader" is listed under the "Thanks to..." section, and so are "caffeine", "my car", "the force", "stolen burritos", "more caffeine", "Seattle weather", "toe lint", "loud music", "Burger Master" and at the end "corekt speling".

Special edition

A special edition came with AWE64 that loaded the game sounds and dialogues in to the SoundFont bank.

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