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Clive Barker's Undying (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Clive Barker's Undying Credits


EngineersRichard Benson, Michael J. Goodwin, Kyle McKisic, Douglas Muir, Thomas McDevitt
Lead EngineerJ. Scott Peter
Lead AnimationWalt Batycki
Animation TeamTim Goodwin, Daniel P. Keller, Lonnie Kraatz
Art DirectorJeff Haynie
Lead ArtistBrian Horton
Technical Art DirectorKyle McKisic
Art TeamJonathan Gregerson, Matt Hall, Christian Laursen, Omaha Perez, Rion Vernon
Lead DesignDellekamp Siefert
Design teamRobert Berger, John Castro, Dave Nash, Jon Paquette
ProducerBrady Bell
Associate ProducerJon Galvan
Lead Sound DesignerSpencer Erik Kraber
Assistant Sound DesignerJack Grillo
MusicBecky Allen, Bill Brown, Bryan Celano, Jeffrey Eisner
Administration (Sound)Amanda Wyatt
PlaytestingJason Boles, Carlos Garcia-Shelton, Jeremy Hall, Randy Kirby, William Lee, Kevin Lewis, Keith Nakamura, Rene Nones, Charles Polanski, Darren Seghesio, Audry Taylor
Acting / VoiceoversClive Barker, Marc Biagi, Ryan Drummond, Victor Gagner, Lani Minella, Jon St. John, Kai Vilhelmsen
Additional DesignJon Paquette, Brian Reed, Stephen J. Skelton
Additional EngineeringSteve Anderson, Jordan C. Johnson, Paul Keet, David Pendergrast, Dan Porzio, Thomas R. Stanis
Additional TestingCaleb Sweazy, Damon Tripodi
Additional ProductionJon Paquette, Charles Polanski
EA TestAlan Coe, Chris DeShazo, Bradley Frazier, Jose Gonzales, Aaron Keppel, Ludon Lee, Justin McLeod
EA QCAnthony Alexander, Anthony Barbagallo, Darryl Jenkins, David Kellum, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard, Benjamin Smith, Andrew Young


Executive ProducerRick Giolito
DWI General ManagerGlenn Entis
Production CoordinatorAmy Bennett
AdministrationNoelani Weaver, David Howe
FinanceTami Bauling, Michelle Sprague
IT DirectorSteve Arnold
Network AdministratorJoe Aguilar
IT SupportSteve Rottman, Ray Robinson


Product MarketingJillian Goldberg, Lincoln Hershberger
Public RelationsAnne Marie Stein, Steve Groll
Package DesignerHamagami / Carroll
Package Project ManagementAdrienne Rogers
Package Illustration/PhotographyHamagami / Carroll
DocumentationGreg Roensch, Anthony Lynch, Ede Clarke
Documentation LayoutBig Idea Group
Int'l Development DirectorAtsuko Matsumoto
Video AnimationBob Rossman, Eric Kornblum, Jerry Newton
Online ProducerJason Chein
Web DesignerMarlon McKenney
Web Art DirectorGerrit Velthoen
Project SupervisorLudon Lee


Clive Barker, Steven Spielberg, Donald A. Mattrick, Bruce E. McMillan, Austin Grossman, Steve Niles, Everyone at Seraphim Films, Fred Garvin, Jennifer Schwary, Carlo Vogelsang, the gang at Creative Labs, John Keefer, Brian Silva, T. Durden, Rob Burnette, Jean-loup Gailly (at Zlib), Mark Adler (at Zlib), Rob Wyatt, Vince Wallace, Juliet Dilanchyan, Steve Eberwein, Stephanie Hutchison, Caleb Hutchison, Sherri Haynie, Nvidia, Gamespy, to all the Medal of Honor teams, to all the family and friends of the Undying development team who supported us!

Covenant Family Album

Written byGreg Roensch
Edited for Europe byJohn Featherstone
Designed byBig Idea Group
Art byJeff Haynie, Brian Horton
Special Thanks toAll who contributed to the Family Album, Clive Barker, Brady Bell, Jon Galvan, Dave Nash, Lincoln Hershberger, Jillian Goldberg, Ede Clarke, Genee Higgins, Justin McLeod, Benjamin Smith

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