Cloak of Darkness Credits (Windows)

Cloak of Darkness Windows Introduction and starting location, Inform Z-code version


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Cloak of Darkness Credits

Inform Release

Written byRoger Firth

Hugo release

Written byJohn Menichelli
Additional Material byKent Tessman

AGT release

Written byAl Golden

TADS 2 release

Written byDan Shiovitz
Additional Material byTodd Nathan

ALAN release

Written byStephen Griffiths

SUDS release

Written byRoger Firth

A-code release

Written byMike Arnautov

CAT release

Written byPhillip Richmond

ADRIFT release

Written byCampbell Wild

IAGE release

Written byRobin Rawson-Tetley

PAWS release

Written byNeil Cerutti
Revised for PAWS 1.1 byRoger Plowman

Aiee! release

Written byMark Hughes

AAS release

Written byRoddy Ramieson

LADS release

Written byBob Newell

Quest release

Written byAlex Warren

TADS 3 release

Written bySteve Breslin
For the Original Tads-3 Contribution to This ProjectDan Schmidt
Revising and MaintainingNikos Chantziaras, Antti Markus, Matthew Herberg
Reviewing This Workv‑space discussion group

JACL release

Written byStuart Allen

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