Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy - Utah Beach to Cherbourg Credits

Atomic Games, Inc.

Executive ProducerKeith Zabalaoui
Director of DevelopmentDoug Walker
Art DirectorJeffrey Baker
Lead Game DesignerEric Young
Lead ArtistJeffrey Perales
Lead ProgrammersDavid Miller, Jesse Robinson
Associate Game DesignerJohn Peacock
ProgrammersSteve Flint, Tom Kent, Jim Martin, Yujun Qin
ArtistsScott Halvorson, Gil John Rodriguez, Scott Juliano, Ron Ray, Charles Jacobi
Test LeadMathew G. Herman
Art InternsJames Casey Holland, Daryl Stimley, Justin Ferguson
In House TestingLarry Morris
Manual EditorEric Young, John Peacock, Markus Hofbauer, Greg Bryant, Michael Fitch, Patrick P. Ceballos
Voice Cue TranslationMarkus Hofbauer
Voice ActingFrom the Speed of Sound Studio we would like to thank:, John Joiner, Michael Olesch, Matt Manning, Chris Garcia
Exteme TestersMarkus Hofbauer, Mick Conmy, G. Mark Kelm, Patrick P. Ceballos, Stephen Whitmore, Ross Moorhouse, Peter T. Szymonik, Greg Cyrier, Kyle Sandstorm, Ron Gretz, Pekka Saastamoinen, Greg Bryant, Gary Olson, Tom Peters,  Napalm
A special thanks to these people for all the great mods they made for all the Close Combat GamesRon Gretz, Mick Conmy, Ross Moorhouse, Andre Bruce, Pekka Saastamoinen, George Thanos, Bruce Poon, Adam D'Arcy, Gerry Shaw ("Tin Tin"), "Cappy‑R" Ralph, Akira Takizawa,  "Luer", Stephen Whitmore


ProducerShawn Storc
Associate ProducerKevin Hicks
Executive ProducerRick Martinez
Install ProgrammingBrian Fitz
Product Test ManagerVansouk Lianemany
Assistant Lead TestSteven Head
Core TesterRobert Ivey
Product TestSteve Jackson, David Wilson, Adam Rosen, Mike Phelps, Thadd Abernathy
Manual EditorDave Sanini
Localisation ManagerJudith Lucero
LocalisationHiromi Okamoto
Audio Engineering SupportStephen Lam
Senior Vice PresidentAmy Smith-Boylan
Novato Studio DirectorCarl C. Norman
Marketing ManagerJames T. Seaman III
Manual Layout & DTPLouis Saekow Design
Public RelationsMichael Shelling, Sharon O'Donnell
Legal CounselDouglas Reilly
Special ThanksAndrea Akmenkalns, Steve Asbell, Stanley Biesiadecki, Fernando Cuervo, George Chastain Jr., Richard Fielder, Jacques Hennequet, Eric Newman, Sarah Taylor, Randall Turner

Mattel Interactive Germany

Marketing DirectorKaren Zürn
Product ManagerJan Büchner
Public Relations ManagerMarcus Ertl

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