Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog Credits

Black Hand Studios

Project LeadSteve McClaire
Development LeadSteve McClaire
GraphicsJim Martin, Shane Cameron
MusicAlessandro Ponti
Research AssistanceDimitry Fedorov
Manual Content & EditingSteve Mayville, Steve McClaire
TestingFrancisco Arias, Emmanuel Bombabert, Shane Cameron, Mick Conmy, John Davidson, Dimitry Fedorov, Michael Liljequist, Stephen Mayville, Grant McTaggart, Bartshe Miller, Mark Owens, Grant Reid, Rob Robinson, John Ross, Darren Tejszerski, Gary Thomas, Carlo Zanon
Tools DevelopmentManfred Fischer
Additional ContributionsMick Conmy

Slitherine/Matrix Games

ChairmanJ. D. McNeil
Development DirectorIain McNeil
Operations DirectorErik Rutins
Technical DirectorPhilip Veale
Marketing DirectorMarco A. Minoli
Creative DirectorRichard Evans
Public Relations ManagerScott Parrino
Art LeadMarc von Martial, Myriam Bell
ProducerAaron Yeung
Qa & Production AssisantsChristian Bassani, Andrew Loveridge
AdministrationLynda Beatty, Liz Stoltz
Dealer Store RelationsKarlis Rutins
Customer Support StaffChristian Bassani, Paulo Costa
Web DevelopmentValery Vidershpan, Andrea Nicola

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (61898)