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Close Quarters Conflict (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Close Quarters Conflict Credits

Groove Games

CEOJon Walsh
COOMichael James Haines
PresidentTrevor Fencott
General CounselDonald Henderson
V.P. FinanceGreg Donaldson
Director of Game DevelopmentZandro Chan
ProducerMike Bastien
Associate ProducerNelson Pavao
Production AssistantColin Sullivan, Luke Marshall
QA LeadOliver Kutnik
Quality AssuranceBen Aerssen, Chris Carpenter, Christopher Musgrave, Devin Licastro, Ebrahim Doulatyari, Erica Gregory, Fran├žois Messier, Jake LaChapelle, Jennifer Costa, Joseph Cleary, Matthew Garcia, Melissa Maduro, Michael McCarry, Nishanth Paramsothy, Pamela Dzwonek, Steven Yee
Marketing DirectorChristopher Astolfo
Director of Creative ServicesMatthew Hollingshead
Graphic DesignerMichael Wandelmaier
Web DesignersEvan McMenemy, Peerum You
V.P. SalesJim Kapogianis
Sales ManagerLisa McGrath, Patricia Cunningham

Direct Action Games

CEOJoanna Alexander, Mark Long
Executive ProducerJohn E. Williamson
ProducerGardner Congdon
Lead Level Design ArtJared Gerritzen
Lead ProgrammerBrett Holton
ProgrammerKevin Hamilton
Programming InternSam Ware
Level DesignerMichael Gehri, Ian Gerdes, Matt Rapelje, Mark White
ArtistDarren Bacon, Julian DePuma, Shaun Mackey, Kelly Martin, Richard Starr, Ken Studebaker, Daniel Sipes
Sound DesignerAlexander Guilbert, Morgan Green
Main Title MusicJesper Kyd
IT supportJeff Josephson
Human ResourcesSandy Heyer
Additional ArtBrian Hesler, Casey Johnson

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (160022) and Francois Messier (160)