The Club (Windows)

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Written by  :  Jarek Hanzelka (5)
Written on  :  Aug 15, 2010
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  0.43 Stars0.43 Stars0.43 Stars0.43 Stars0.43 Stars

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One of the games which showed all you need to see in the demo version...

The Good

It's legally playable for free, because the demo version is in fact better, than the full one.

The Bad

Eh...where to begin...

The Bottom Line

Who gives a damn about playing with words? Who gives a damn about over too long texts that could be written? Who gives a damn about any effort to write something spirited? But, more than anything I must ask, who gives a damn about this game? And why am I asking? Because this is a multiplayer game, which no one plays. So, as long one wants to play it, he has to do with the singleplayer, which is desperately boring and poor, absolutely tedious, record stereotypical, as well as Limbo short. If one beats the game, it's not out of principle. It's not out of curiosity. It sure as hell is not because of fun. Ultimately, only the theory of killing the time remains, when one is in such a bad condition, he gets stuck with this game.

It's pointless to write down the single game modes, they all are perfectly identical to each other. And if some lost tiny minor difference is found, it's cosmetical at best. Intro, if a bit amateurish, has an attractive character, and that's exactly how this game tricked me. The demo version was clever as hell, for it was about ten minutes long and it offered the best location of the game. So, the player thought the game has cool settings and played it for so short it didn't get boring. And then ha! All other locations suck, and just ten more minutes of gameplay and the true nature of the game surfaces.

The Club wouldn't survive even on a freeware scene. Hell, even if I crafted it in the dark corner of my room all by myself and then let only my closest family members play it, they would insult me and command me to stop creating games, simply because I can't do it. Because that's how games are NOT supposed to be done. Maybe I am too hard, but...what can you do.