Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion Credits


ProducerThomas J. Zahorik
Executive ProducerBryan Brandenburg, Michael S. Glosecki
Lead DesignRick Raymer
DesignerDavid Walls
DIrector of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
Test SupervisorKurt Boutin
TestingMark Huggins, Jennifer Kaczor, David Sauvageau, Kathy Steel
Product ManagerJohn Puffer
Channel ManagerKimberly Hannaway
Associate Product ManagerLeah Riseman
Directors of MarketingRichard Cleveland, Gail L. Steiner
Director of Public RelationsDana Henry
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Webster
Art DirectorSteve Martin
Graphic DesignerJennifer Brackett


ProducerVirginia Ellen McArthur
Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
Director of New BusinessJohn Sutyak
V. P. Product Development WorldwideKevin Gillespie
V. P. Research and Development WorldwideTony Parks


Lead ProgrammerChris Nash
ProgrammerJoshua Jensen, Darren Eggett, Greg Thoenen, Mike Reed, Steven Barkdull, Sandeep Kharkar


Lead ArtistTimothy Zwica
ArtistJason Wintersteller, Emily Modde, Greg German, Dink Thompson


Lead TesterCole Harris
TesterElizabeth Cummins, Josh Lambert


President of Hasbro InteractiveThomas Dusenberry

Creative Services

Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Administrative SupportSarah Perry, Denise Wiley, Michelle Bailey

Legal and Finance

V. P. of FinanceRon Parkinson
 Donna Mahan, Bruce Kelly, Donna Fuchs, Linda Ferros

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10551), PolloDiablo (16916), Bryan Brandenburg (7), ROFLBLAH (379) and Frecklefoot (203)