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Out Of Eight (Aug 17, 2008)
I did actually want to finish Code of Honor 2, so that says something. While certainly not the pinnacle of FPS excellence, I enjoyed my time on Conspiracy Island (now with more conspiracy!) with a couple of budget-related shortcomings: the sub-par graphics, linear level design, and disappointing AI. Since the multiplayer is worse than what’s freely available, we have to evaluate Code of Honor 2 based upon its single player experience, and it’s average. Really, you’re better off just getting F.E.A.R. for a reduced price than playing Code of Honor 2 in terms of overall quality, but I did have a moderate level of enjoyment during my two hours with the single player campaign. $20 for two hours of play time is a pretty steep price, though, so most people can avoid time on Conspiracy Island and stick with older, better first person shooters available at the same price.
If you play the game straight though, you are talking about eight hours of fighting, which is pretty good in a $20 title. Like I said before, at that price you can forgive a few flaws, especially when you shoot your Mossberg 500 though a table and take out two terrorists on the other side. So for a little French-style combat, give Code of Honor 2 a try. Viva la Legion!
Worth Playing (Jul 29, 2008)
Not every shooter has to be a triple-A title of the first order, but there really isn't much to Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island's shooting-gallery action that hasn't been done better by today's discounted specials or even by the venerable classics. With its short single-player campaign and hardly anyone on the Internet playing this, there isn't much of a compelling reason to sign on with the Legionnaires on this mission when more exciting venues await elsewhere.
40 (Oct 22, 2008)
Ano, jedná se o budgetový titul, ale dvě a půl hodiny čistého herního času je přeci jen málo. Na druhou stranu jsem se divil, že jsem ho dohrál až do samotného konce, čemuž ze začátku nenasvědčovalo vůbec nic. A co z toho všeho plyne? I když hra samotná trpí naprosto dementním příběhem, podprůměrným audiovizuálním zpracováním, místy pochybným level designem, krátkou herní dobou a jistými technickými nedodělky, přesto se mi jako zábava na jedno rychlé použití vůbec neprotivila a s chutí jsem ji nakonec dohrál. Pokud tedy chcete na chvíli vypnout, nechat vše plavat a vyzkoušet si obyčejnou, lehce podprůměrnou střílečku z pohledu první osoby, kde jen střílíte a jen zřídkakdy zmáčknete nějaký čudlík nebo páčku pro otevření dveří, Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island je pro vás tou pravou volbou.
GameZone (Oct 02, 2008)
Lastly, the game controls are pretty much standard fare, if you have played a FPS then you know the drill, but when you actually begin mixing it up with the enemy and the running and gunning begins, you truly understand that this is something you want nothing part of, the feel of the game feels very wrong and the A.I. is an absolute joke. I can usually find a "but" somewhere, even in the worst of games, but I see no real redeeming quality in this title, anywhere.
Code of Honor: Conspiracy Island is yet another in a line of bad games that have mysteriously come my way from the same developer/publisher. There were honest attempts to make a shooter here, and while some of the graphical touches try to mimic the big guns of PC gaming, FPS fans are smarter than this.
IGN (Aug 20, 2008)
If this were an Xbox 360 game, you'd at least get points for your gamerscore. But since this is a PC game, and since there are about three billion better shooters out there, there's not much, if anything, to redeem Code of Honor 2. If you want a laugh and you're desperate, stay away and watch Lionheart instead.
Bit-Tech (Aug 14, 2008)
Utterly boring and bland and far too easy in the singleplayer game, a quarter-baked and shallow experience on the multiplayer side, Code of Honor doesn’t really do anything right and is doomed to soon reside in the bargain bin. There are two type of games to find in bargain bins though. There are old or unappreciated games that are still very much worth playing and then there’s stuff that just couldn’t survive in a capitalist market due to a stunning lack of worth. If you’ve read the review this far and still can't figure out which one we think Code of Honor 2 is then this is probably the game for you.