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Codename: Eagle (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Codename: Eagle Credits


Team ManagementPatrick Söderlund
DesignNiklas Pehrson
Additional DesignAmir Haleem
Lead ProgrammerMats Dal
ProgrammingTobias Andersson, Robert Gyorvari, Ulrik Lindahl, Johan Pehrson
Lead ArtistStefan Vukanovic
Art DirectorRikard Hultman
AnimationMarcus Fritze
Graphics / ArtworkJohan Belking, Lars Gustavsson, Carl Lundgren
SoundTobias Andersson
FMV SequencesKaktus Film
VoiceoversRoger Breit, Jim Earle, Jessica Frykman, Alan Mansson, Alan Pryke, Wolfgang Schuchardt
Sound FXAnders Otterland
MusicÖrjan Standberg
Produced for Take2 Interactive (Europe) Ltd. byBarry Simpson
Executive ProducerHenrik Eklund, Hanna Larsson
Original ConceptAlvaro Meusi, Thomas Radström, Michael Stenmark
Refraction thanksErik Almenberg, Jacob Boije, Eskil Steenberg, Erik Almenberg, Mikko Tahtinen, Soundworks Studios, Audiomotion, Octagon Entertainment
Playtesting - Tarantula StudiosPaul Byers (Lead Tester), James Cree, Denby Grace (Lead Tester), Lee Johnson, Charlie Kinloch, Jim Thompson
Special Thanks To 7Eleven, Coca Cola,  McDonalds,  Watto, Folkets kebeb


ProducerTimothy Beggs
Graphic ArtistsPeter Muench, Christine Lagna
ArtistsKurt Miller, Brian Webber, Stephen Estes
Playtest CoordinationTimothy Beggs
PlaytestingTalonsoft Beta Brigade, Jeffrey P. Balut, Aaron Benzick, Frank D. Bunney Jr., Brian Carlson, Michael George, Chad Harris, Christopher Pick, Rob Veska
President & Chief Creative OfficerJim Rose
VP of Business DevelopmentJamie Leece
General ManagerChris Mate
Executive ProducerAnthony Farmer
Product ManagerMelissa Farmer
Director of MarketingGreg Bauman
Marketing Mark Moon
Public RelationsMike Gathagan
AdministrationLinda Wratchford
Admin. AssistantMona Wratchford
WebmasterAshton Fletcher
Technical SupportPhil Santiago, Matthew Kreager, Lisa Nawrot, Frank Runge

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