Codename: Gordon Trivia (Windows)

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Valve reported on June 18, 2004, that 600,000 Steam users had downloaded Codename: Gordon in the first three weeks of its release.


Gabe Newell, in an interview with HomeLAN, said that the original plan was to release Codename: Gordon on April 1st (April Fool's Day) with a message saying:

Due to tremendous pressure from the gaming community to ship Half-Life 2, we looked long and hard at the game to see if there was anything we could cut that would let us ship sooner. It looked like if we cut the third dimension, we'd be all set, so after five years in development, Valve and Nuclearvision proudly present Half-Life 2D.


In 2008, the game was removed from Steam, since the developer has gone bankrupt, and their website (the link to which is hard-coded into the game) has been taken over by cybersquatters. It can, however, still be downloaded from Steam by typing steam://install/92 in the web browser's address bar.

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