Written by  :  phlux (4340)
Written on  :  Dec 23, 2001
Rating  :  1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars

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Codename: Access violation at address 0815:4711 in module "vital.dll".

The Good

The graphics are okay - nothing special, though. Nice cut-scenes.

The Bad

The biggest problem with this game is that it's buggy like hell. When I tested it, it crashed about every two minutes without reason (see screenshot). And NO, I don't have an Athlon/Duron processor and I tested it with other OS than WXP too. Behaving like that makes the game impossible to play. I suppose the beta team didn't put too much time into testing.

Besides that, the weapons are lame (okay, I didn't see much of them because of the crashes), the comrade who should support you doesn't - he just shoots but doesn't seem to aim :) Sound effects are nothing special too.

The Bottom Line

Buying Codename: Outbreak will result in an access violation at address 1234:5678 in module "brain.dll" - in other words, this game is not needed (unless you want to see some nice crashes on your bomb-proof WindowsXP system :)