Cogs Credits


ProgrammingRob Jagnow
Level DesignRob Jagnow
Lead ArtistBrendan Mauro
SoundsLuke Gilbert (Elephant Audio)
MusicLuke Gilbert (Elephant Audio)
Beta TestersMike Baltar, Greg Bowne, Brian Cronin, Beth Frye, Kendall Frye, John Graham, Roger Hanna, John Hazard, Dan Hembry, Andy Hendrickson, Mark Hunsinger, Rebecca Hunsinger, Dakota Hurst, Aaron Isaksen, Tomas Izo, Justin King, Chris Linder, Robert Mack, Steve Maeller, Eric Matson, Jorge Medina, Evan Mironov, Greg Nishikawa, Andre Oschadlin, Kurt Reiner, David Rosen, Adam Rosenfield, Josh Sacks, Sabri Sansoy, Philip Tan Boon Yew, Ron Theis, Nick Waanders, Chris West
Light Probe images, Copyright 1998, Paul Debevec, used with permission.
Special ThanksTomas Izo, Ron Carmel, Kyle Gabler, of 2DBoy, Charlie Cleveland, and his postmortem buddies, Our friends and families who supported us along the way, Lazy 8 Studios, Copyright 2009, All rights reserved, Thanks for Playing!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77737)