Color Trail Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
The Achievements menu. Click the trophy, abacus, book or window.
Level 1 of the Endless mode.
Opening story of Adventure mode.
The world map
The area map
I need to make matches over the tiles to clear this level.
I have created a trail.
I am clearing a trail.
Congratulations! You won a trophy.
You've earned trophies in the trophy room.
The game statistics (abacus).
In this level, the dark gray tiles need to be matched once, the light gray twice and the pink three times.
You've been promoted.
To clear this level, I need to make matches until I reach the required score.
A quest! I need to make my way to the water mill.
I created a closed loop. Any items inside the loop will also be cleared.
To clear this level, I need to destroy all the orbs by making matches next to them.
The blue orbs need one match to destroy them, the greenish two and the pink three.
I used a bomb.
The items with the paintbrushes are colorbombs. These will change the color of all neighboring items to the same color.
SPLASH! I used a color bomb.
At the water mill, I need to complete the puzzle. The first and last piece on the trail I make will swap.
Swapping two pieces.
Puzzle complete.
And it has been added to the picture album.
The pieces with the pickaxes will change all the surrounding pieces to the same piece but their color won't alter.
Making the piece change.