Combat Command: The Matrix Edition Credits

Boku Stragey Games

Lead DeveloperTim Coakley
ProgramingMichael Cooney
Game DesignDave Erickson
ArtworkJim Martin
Additional Scenario DesignFrancisco Arias
Lead TesterToby Warkentin (Obsolete)
QA TestingAnd a special thanks to all the other testers on the team!, Ricci Angelo (The Whale), Bartlomiej Czyz (apathetic lurker), Art Hall (Captskillet), Paul Martin (junk2drive), Ron Peterson (sulla05), John Helebrant (Knavery)

Matrix Games

Executive ProducerDavid Heath
Associate ProducerErik Rutins
Box and Logo DesignMarc von Martial
Manual Editing and ContentShaun Wallace, Toby Warkentin (Obsolete)
Manual Design and LayoutMarc von Martial
Graphic ArtistJim Martin
Public Relations & MarketingSean Drummy
Production AssistantAndrew Loveridge
Diretor of Operations and AcquisitionsDavid Heath
Lead AdministrationLiz Stoltz
Manger of Dealer Relations & Business DevelopmentKarlis Rutins
Customer Support StaffDaniel Heath, Alex Fiedler
Forum AdministrationErik Rutins, Alex Fiedler, Marc von Martial, David Heath
Web-Database Design & DevelopmentAlex Fiedler
Network and System AdministratorAlex Fiedler, David Heath
Social Media ManagerSteve Stafford
PC Support and Network AdministratorLance Stoltz
Quality Assurance LeadErik Rutins
Special ThanksTo our new colleagues at Slitherine Ltd:, J. D. McNeil, Iain McNeil, Marco A. Minoli, Philip Veale, Andrea Nicola, Richard Evans, Christian Bassani
Matrix NexgenAlexander Rutins, Andrew Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Austin Stoltz, Noah Soltz, Jesse Stoltz, Heidi Fiedler, Blake Fiedler, Harold Dupree
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to complete this project and follow our dream. We would also like to thank our families and friends for giving us their non-stop love and support during this project.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nembo (349)